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Monopoly: The Card Game British Edition

Game: Monopoly: The Card Game British Edition
Distributor: Licensed in England by Winning Moves International, Ltd., for Hasbro
Acquisition Details: From Lizzy (LiveJournal user lady_t_220), Christmas 2005
Money: Smaller, regular Monopoly style money, but is denoted as GBP sterling throughout play of game
Notes: There is a tray for the money and cards as well as a booklet detailing the rules of the game. All Atlantic City property street names are replaced with the street names found in the Standard British Edition. The copyright date is 2000. The value, including the VAT of 17.5%, from is 5.99 GBP, which is roughly $10.50 in US dollars.
How incredibly awesome to now own two British Monopoly games! Lizzy is a very thoughtful friend indeed!

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Game Box

British Card Game Box

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Still true to the wheeling, dealing, empire-building nature of the original, this version doesn't take hours and is a handy size for carrying and playing while on the move!
In this exciting card game version of the world's most poular board game, you need to build your hand through shrewd exchanges with your opponents. The objective is to be the first player to get all the cards of a colour group and lay down your hand. House and Hotel Cards add to the value of your Monopoly set, while Token Cards double your payoff. Chance Cards can make or break your hand and Mr Monopoly Cards add to the fun. Keeping score couldn't be easier - just count the Monopoly money you've accumulated. The first player to get 100,000 wins the game!

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