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Classic Monopoly

Game: Classic Monopoly
Distributor: Parker Brothers
Acquisition Details: Myself in mid 1990s (to replace family set from the late 1970s)
Tokens: Scottie Dog, Shoe, Iron, Top Hat, Thimble, Car, Ship, Wheelbarrow, Cowboy, Cannon
Money: Standard Monopoly Money
Houses/Hotels: Standard Monopoly Houses and Hotels
Community Chest/Chance cards: Standard Monopoly Cards
Note: My Classic set was purchased when they were still pakaged in a long box, where the board folds only once. The classic set now comes packaged in a three-quarter, deep box and the board folds twice with a slit. My set is probably valued more because of this. Classic sets today cost ~$10.00.

Game Images:

Box Top

Classic box top

Game Board

Classic board etc.

My Classic Set

My Classic Set

Rich Uncle Pennybags

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