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British Magnetic Pocket Edition Monopoly

Game: British Magnetic Pocket Edition Monopoly
Distributor: Licensed in England by Waddingtons Games Ltd., for Parker Brothers
Acquisition Details: From Lizzy (LiveJournal user lady_t_220), Christmas 2004
Tokens: Magnetic Car, Thimble, Top Hat, Shoe, Scottie Dog, Wheelbarrow, Cowboy, Iron
Money: Smaller, regular Monopoly style money, but is denoted as GBP sterling throughout play of game
Houses/Hotels: Magnetic Green Houses and Red Hotels
Community Chest/Chance cards: Same cards as regular game
Notes: Everything in this game is at a reduced size, including the deed cards and the dice. The tokens, houses and hotels are all magnetic so they will stick to the game board. There is a tray for the pieces, money and cards, as well as a booklet detailing the rules of the game. All Atlantic City property street names are replaced with the street names found in the Standard British Edition. There is no copyright date anywhere on the set but Lizzy estimates it to be from the late 80s. I would imagine it is very rare and extremely valuable as a Monopoly collectible. And, as the lovely Lizzy put it, "It's very British!"

Game Images:

Game Folder

Pocket Magnetic British Game Folder

Magnetic Game Board

Pocket Magnetic British Game Board

Game Pieces

Pocket Magnetic British Game Pieces

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