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Nostalgia Series Edition Monopoly

Game: Nostalgia Series Edition Monopoly
Distributor: Parker Brothers
Acquisition Details: From Scott, Christmas 2001
Tokens: Car, Thimble, Top Hat, Shoe, Scottie Dog, Steam Engine (in brass finish)
Money: Smaller, weathered-style money
Houses/Hotels: Wooden box-style houses and hotels
Community Chest/Chance cards: Smaller, weathered-style cards
Notes: This set is part of the Parker Brothers Nostalgia Game Series. The Box is wooden with a special built-in tray for the game pieces and money. It is still in print and valued at ~$20.00.

Game Images:

Box Top

Nostalgia box top

Game Board

Nostalgia board

Game Pieces

Nostalgia tokens

Rich Uncle Pennybags

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