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ODPopoly (The Game of the Ocean Drilling Program)

Game: ODPopoly (The Game of the Ocean Drilling Program)
Distributor: ODP-TAMU Publication Services/just a little laugh designs
Acquisition Details: Original game designed by myself and handmade with the help of others in my department at work, October 2002
Tokens: Plastic Multi-Colored Ships
Money: Styled like regular Monopoly money but with ODP-logo ships
Houses/Hotels: Hard Rocks/Gemstones
Community Chest/Chance cards: Operations/Funding
Notes:Various different rules, etc. to match the ODP theme, (i.e., the "banker" is replaced by The Texas A&M Research Foundation (TAMRF), and the "bank" is replaced by The National Science Foundation (NSF)) and includes custom-made deed cards. This set is one of only five that have been handmade. Value unknown.

Game Images:

Box Top

ODP box top

Game Board

ODP board

Game Pieces

ODP game pieces

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