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The Simpsons Edition Monopoly

Game: The Simpsons Edition Monopoly
Distributor: USAopoly for Parker Brothers
Acquisition Details: From Colly, Birthday 2004
Tokens: Homer, Bart, Kang, Jebediah Springfield, Santa's Little Helper, Blinky
Money: Various Simpsons characters
Houses/Hotels: Monorail Stops/Monorail Stations
Community Chest/Chance cards: Custom Community Chest/Chance
Notes: This set is still in print and valued at ~$35.00. There is also a special offer to purchase four more tokens: Marge with Maggie, Lisa, Mr. Burns, and Otto.

Game Images:

Box Top

Simpsons box top

Game Board

Simpsons board

Game Pieces

Simpsons game pieces

Rich Uncle Pennybags

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