TexOpoly (A Custom Boeard Game)

Game: TexOpoly (A Custom Board Game
Distributor: Global Games (1996 copyright date)
Acquisition Details: From Mama & Pat, Fall 2003 (during time when looking at games to custom make)
Tokens: 6 standard plastic pawns in different colors
Money: Special money with different historic figures in Texas history on each denomination
Houses/Hotels: Houses/Skyscrapers (originals missing - using 40/14 standard Monopoly houses/hotels as replacements)
Community Chest/Chance cards: Only one set of cards - "Texas Draw"
Special Rules: The board is layed out a bit differently and there are different denominations of money used throughout. Several rules specific to game.
Notes: This set seems to be very rare, but I did find it on a couple of game board sites. Images below are from the game's description page on Value unknown.

Game Images:

Box Top

TexOpoly box top

Box Bottom

TexOpoly box bottom


TexOpoly board and rules

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