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Us-opoly (The Game of, well, us!)

Game: Us-opoly (The Game of, well, us!)
Distributor: just a little laugh designs
Acquisition Details: Original game designed and assembled by myself as gifts for my friends, Colly, Kitt, Scott, and I for Christmas 2003
Tokens: Same as Classic Monopoly
Money: Same as Classic Monopoly
Houses/Hotels: Same as Classic Monopoly
Community Chest/Chance cards: Reflection/The Monks
Special Rules: All of the "house rules" that this group of people usually play with apply. Includes custom-made deed cards.
Notes: This set is one of only four that have been handmade. Value unknown.

Game Images:

Box Top

Us-opoly box top

Game Board

Us-opoly board

Game Pieces

Us-opoly custom game cards

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