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Vintage Classic Monopoly

Game: Vintage Classic Monopoly
Distributor: Parker Brothers
Acquisition Details: From Carl & Laura, Christmas 2004
Tokens: Car, Thimble, Top Hat, Shoe, Ship, Canon, Iron in tin
Money: Standard Monopoly Money
Houses/Hotels: Wooden box-style houses and hotels
Community Chest/Chance cards: Standard Monopoly Cards
Notes: This set is an original, vintage set, with the latest copyright date showing as 1946. I estimate that it was manufactured in the 1950s. The board is loose and there is an accompaning box that holds the pieces, etc. On the back of the box that holds the pieces, money, and cards is an original price tag. Herpolsheimer's is the store name and the price was $2.50. It includes a rules sheet, a separate rules sheet for "Short Monopoly," and an advertising brochure for several Paraker Brothers games. The brochre mentions that the white box edition (where the board and all the pieces, etc. are contained in one box) had a price of $3.50. The set is in very good condition for its age of over 50 years. I would imagine that it is a very valuable vintage Monopoly collectible!

Game Images:

Box and Board

Vintage Box and Board

Game Board

Vintage board

Game Pieces and Rule Sheets, etc.

Vintage Pieces and Rule Sheets

Game Pieces

Vintage tokens

Advertising Brochure Cover

Vintage Ad Brochure

Rich Uncle Pennybags

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